Sunday, 1 June 2014

Day 92: Tyndrun to Glencoe Mountain Ski Centre

The weather really turned it on for us today: blue sky and sunshine. There was a slight chill in the air as we set off, but just enough to put a spring in our step and the mist that had nestled in the glen had started to rise up the hill side as if to greet the morning sun.

The way was relatively flat initially with just a gentle rise as we followed a little burn up the glen. Passing through a gate, we paused to look back down the glen the way we had come.

The path crossed the Bridge of Orchy

and then began to climb up through the forest and as we looked back down the glen the views were stunning,

with a glimpse of Loch Tulla below,

Getting bigger as we moved along the path and up over Mam Caraig to pass from Glen Orchy into  Glen Coe.

The Monros of the Black Mount provided the backdrop for this section of the walk,

and the sprinkling of snow, glistening in the sunshine just added to the spectacle.

Crossing over a little bridge the burn splashing down the hillside through the jagged rocks was as beautiful looking down stream,

as up stream,

and the wildness of the moorland in Glencoe just added to the majesty of the surrounding mountains.

All too soon we were at the Mountain Ski Centre and had pitched our tent under the watchful eye of the surrounding Munroes. Despite the midges which swarmed outside our tent just gnashing their wee teeth and awaiting someone to need the toilet and venture outside, we drifted off to sleep... Night night campers!

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